ink cartridges for Cannon iP4600 cw with chip.


Please forward me a price on ink cartridges for Cannon iP4600 cw with chip.
Shipped to ****, Thunder Bay, Ontario. P7A 7E5.
50 pcs, 0220 black,
20 pcs, 0221M,
20 pcs, 0221C,
20 pcs, 0221Y,
20 pcs, 0221 BK delivery this week please. Price to be all inclusive.


it will be CAD $244.70 + 5% GST+$6.49 shipping+ tax. is around $267.00.

some item are sold out, new stock comes next week.

GE phone battery


I am looking for replacement battery for cordless GE phone
p/n H-AAA550BX3 manufacture number 5-2721
3.6V, 550mAh
Do you have the replacement for this battery?
If yes, whats the part number ?
Thank you

here is the product you need.


AT-T/Lucent: 27910, 8058480000, 8900990000, E1112, E1113, E1114, E1912, E191913, E191914, E191937, E2801, E2802, E2803, E2811, E2812, E2813, E2901, E2902, E2913, E2914, E3813, E3814, E5602, E5605, E5640, E5643, E5644, E5654, E5655, E5901, E5902, E5903, E5910, E5917, E5923, E5924, E5926, E5927, E5933, E5934, E5937, E5938, E5939, E5943, E5944, E5947, E595911, E595912, E595913, E595914, E595918, E595921, E595922, E5971, E5972, E5981, E5982, E6001, E6002, E6012, E6013, E6014
Bell South: BS5822
Casio/Phonemate: PM139BAT, PMP3905, PMP3950, PMP3955, PMP3980, PMP3985
Clarity: 74245, C420, C430, C435
Extend-a-phone: 52522, 52523, 52539
GE: 21009GE3, 21018GE3, 21028GE3, 21098, 21900, 21905, 25413, 25414, 25415, 25831GE3, 25832GE3, 25833, 25902, 25912, 25922, 25932, 25942, 25952, 25982, 25983, 26977, 27700GE2, 27901, 27907, 27910, 2791GE1, 27920, 27925, 27930, 27931, 27935, 27936, 27938GE1, 27939GE3, 27980, 27990, 27993, 28110, 28111, 28112, 28122, 28128, 28129, 28132, 29110, 29111, 29115, 29407, 52522, 52523, 52539, 5-2637, 52650, 52721, Goldstar
Motorola: C50, C51, E32, E33, E34, E51, E52, MD-4250, MD-4260, MD-7101, MD-7151, MD-7161, MD-7250, MD-7251, MD-7260, MD-7261, MD-751, MD-761, MD-781, MD-791, MD7101, MD7151, MD7161, MD7261, SD-4501, SD-4502, SD-4550, SD-4551, SD-4561, SD-4581, SD-4591, SD-7500, SD-7501, SD-7502, SD-7561, SD-7581
Northwestern Bell: 35818, 35819, 35820, 35821, 35828, 35829, 35858, 35859
Radio Shack: 23959, 432105, ET2105
Sanyo: 60AAAH3BJ22, CLT2402, CLT2403, CLT2412, CLT2413, CLT2418, CLT2419, CLT2422, CLT2423, CLT9911, CLT9911, CLT9916, CLT9916, CLTJ30, CLTJ40, CLTJ50, CLTJ60, CLTU12, CLTU20, CLTU22, CLTU30, CLTU32, CLTW10, CLTW20, CLTW25, GES3AHRAAAU, GES3AHRAACL, GESPC3F03
Sony: 5822, 5823, 5829, 5845, 5849, 5851, 5859, 5875, 5939, 6717, 6720, 6725, 6727, 6735, 6763, 6764, 6765, 6767, 6772, 6773, 6775, 6778, 6783, 6785, 6786, 6787, 6788, 6789, 6803, 6807, 6820, 6821, 6822, 6861, 6862, 6866, 6870, 6872, 6873, 6877, 6879, 6882, 6885, 6889, 6890, 6896, 6897
Southern Telecom: MC1000, MC1000HS
Vtech: 80-0099-00-00, 8900990000, 80-1323-00-00, 8913230000, 27910, 5822, ia5823, ia5829, ia5839, ia5845, ia5849, ia5851, ia5859, ia5875, 5939, i6717, i6720, i6725, i6727, i6757, i6735, i6763, i6764, i6765, i6767, i6772, i6773, i6775, i6777, i6778, i6783, i6785, i6786, i6787, i6788, i6789, mi6803, mi6807, i6820, mi6820, i6821, mi6821, i6822, mi6822, i6861, mi6861, mi6862, mi6866, mi6870, mi6872, mi6873, mi6877, mi6879, mi6882, mi6885, mi6889, mi6896, mi6897, 6822bat

HP 61 (CH561W) Black ink


Hi! I have been a customer for quite a number of years and I have a friend
with a HP Deskjet 3050A J611 series printer. She needs to purchase ink for
this printer. I don’t see it anywhere on your website. The cartridge
number is HP 61 (CH561W) Black. I am looking for the XL version if
possible. I am sure that she will also need the colour cartridges too. Can
you tell me if you sell this cartridge and what it is called on your


now we don’t carry HP 61 ink, sorry for the inconvenience.

ink cartridges fro Brother Printer MFC-495CW


I want to place another order for ink cartridges for my Brother Printer
MFC-495CW. The last ones I ordered appear to have been Brother Compatible
LC61M(DCP-165C, MF)

Are these still the correct Numbers–The picture now look different than the
ones I have.

In addition, I wish to order some cartridges for a HP Printer Deskjet 3050A.
Are they somewhere on your list?

LC 61 is the right one you nees, we don’t carry HP ones.

battery for Logitech Harmony 880 remote


work with a Logitech Harmony 880 remote? The comments on the page only
mention a Monster product. Thanks.

Yes, it works for Logitech Harmony 880 remote.

JVC BN-VG121, BN-VG121U, BN-VG121SU, BN-VG121US With Cable 3.7V 3000mAh replacement camera, camcorder battery, Free Shipping



How is this battery charged?
If there is an AC option, does it cover 110V as well as 220V?
What is its average charge life?


the charger is not included, you need to use the orginal charger to charge it. the recharge time is same as JVC battery.